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M37 Open Cluster

M37 - Open Cluster in Auriga

M37 is the richest star cluster in the constellation Auriga. This open cluster contains about 150 stars down to magnitude 12.5 and the total population of the star cluster is estimated to be about 500 stars. The star cluster is located approximately 4,600 light years from Earth and is believed to be about 200 million years old. Many of the stars in this cluster are bright blue young stars, but the cluster contains at least a dozen red giants.

Image Specifications:

     •  Instrument:  Takahashi FS-102 Refractor (820mm - f/8) with 0.8x Televue reducer
     •  Camera:  Canon 20Da
     •  Filters:  Hutech IDAS LPS (Light Pollution)
     •  Mount:  Losmandy GM-8 Equatorial
     •  Guiding:  SBIG STV Autoguider with Vixen 400mm Guidescope
     •  Time / Date :  January 10, 2007, 8:30PM EST
     •  Location:  Coyle Field, NJ
     •  Weather:  Clear, 25degF
     •  Primary Exposure :  4 x 2min, ISO 1600, RAW, average combined
     •  Calibration Frames:  7 x 2min, ISO 1600, RAW, average combined, no flats
     •  Image Processing :  Images Plus, Photoshop CS2