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flexiBrute DRSSTC Half-Bridge Assembly 1.0

 flexiBrute DRSSTC Halfbridge Assembly 1.0

The half-bridge or full-bridge switching circuit is the central power supply circuit in any SSTC or DRSSTC that delivers the high peak currents and energy required in an SSTC or DRSSTC system to produce those monster high voltage arcs. This SOT-227 based IGBT half-bridge board is designed for low-to-mid power DRSSTCs and SSTCs and capable of producing output arcs up to 5 feet in length. It utilizes two (2) SOT-227 packaged IGBTs and is designed to operate from a DC bus voltage of 400VDC. (If alternate transient voltage suppressors are utilized, operating voltage can be increased to the voltage rating of the IGBTs, which is typically 600V.)

These half-bridge assemblies contain the SOT-227 based IGBT half-bridge board as well as a professionally machined heatsink and two (2) 0.1uF, 2kV snubber capacitors which are used to suppress voltage transients. One (1) of the 0.1uF, 2kV capacitors is used as a primary strike transient suppressor and protects the half-bridge power electronics from secondary voltage strikes which may hit the primary coil. This capacitor is tied directly between the output of the half-bridge circuit and chassis ground via the heatsink.

These full-bridge switching assemblies can also be used in a wide array of applications including power supplies, resonant charging systems, induction heating, and other similar circuits.

flexiBrute DRSSTC Half-Bridge Assembly flexiBrute DRSSTC Half-Bridge Assembly flexiBrute DRSSTC Half-Bridge Assembly flexiBrute DRSSTC Half-Bridge Assembly

Click here for the flexiBrute Half-Bridge Assembly 1.0 Datasheet (PDF) - Available now



- Utilizes bolt-on SOT-227 based IGBTs such as the IXYS IXGN60N60C2D1
- High current input / output screw terminals
- Includes Type 77 ferrite core for gate transformer
- C-E and G-E voltage transient protection utilizing TVS and zener diodes
- Includes 0.1uF, 2kV DC Bypass capacitor for transient voltage protection
- Includes 0.1uF, 2kV shunt capacitor for primary strike protection
- High performance, professionally machined heatsink


flexiBrute DRSSTC Half-Bridge Board
Includes printed circuit board only





flexiBrute DRSSTC Half-Bridge Board - Component kit
Includes printed circuit Boards, and board components including ferrite core
Does not include IGBTs, heatsink, or snubber capacitors






flexiBrute DRSSTC Half-Bridge Board - Complete kit w/ IGBTs
Includes printed circuit board and board components including ferrite core
and IXYS IXGN60N60C2D1 (600V, 60A) IGBTs
Does not include heatsink or snubber capacitors






flexiBrute DRSSTC Half-Bridge Assembly
Includes printed circuit board, board components including ferrite core, IXYS IXGN60N60C2D1 (600V, 60A) IGBTs, heatsink, and snubber capacitors





Single, 600V, 60A
Click here for the IXGN60N60C2D1 Datasheet
(Includes mounting hardware)
$25.00 EA