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Spooky Eyes DIY Prop for Halloween

Spooky Eyes DIY Prop for Halloween

Posted by Daniel McCauley on 24th Feb 2020

Halloween is still 8 months away, but for serious haunters and Halloween aficionados, this is the time of the year to start thinking of their next Halloween or haunted display.  And if you are one of those haunters, you will definitely want to check out the Fright Research Spooky Eyes 2.0 LED controller.  

Spooky Eyes 2.0 LED Controller

The Spooky Eyes 2.0 is a lighting effects generator that controls the outputs of sixteen channels of LEDs which can be placed in your front yard or haunted house.  When a pair of LEDs is used for each channel, there will be the appearance of sixteen creepy creatures lurching in the darkness.  Each LED output will randomly blink in a variety of different ways providing a really awesome display for any Halloween or haunted scene.  The speed, delay, and brightness of the LEDs can all be custom programmed and when using bicolor LEDs, each output channel can switch between two different colors.  An external trigger can be used to initiate a 'startle' effect animation in which all the LED eyes instantly come on.  This is great when guests walk near the prop and can be triggered through by light, motion sensors, or a pressure pad.  The external trigger can also be controlled via another prop controller.

Click here for the datasheet and instruction manual (PDF)

Click here for the Spooky Eyes LED board set datasheet and manual (PDF)

Spooky Eyes 2.0 LED Prop Controller

Modes of Operation

There are 10 modes of operation which can used in a nearly infinite number of ways for whatever props you can think of.  These modes include the following: 

  • Spooky Eye mode (color 1 - typically green)
  • Spooky Eye mode (color 2 - typically red)
  • Single Eye mode (color 1) - Only one random blinking eye at a time is illuminated
  • Single Eye mode (color 2) - Only one random blinking eye at a time is illuminated
  • Sequencer (color 1) - Back and forth 16 channel animation 
  • Sequencer (color 2) - Back and forth 16 channel animation
  • Sparkle (color 1) - LEDs are randomly flashed
  • Sparkle (color 2) - LEDs are randomly flashed
  • Sparkle (mixed color) LEDs are randomly flashed in both colors
  • OFF

The sparkle mode is great for mock control panels.  You can wire up lights on your control panel and have them randomly flash at differing rates.

Amazing Features

The Spooky Eyes 2.0 is packed with a long list of amazing features.  You won't find this many features packed in any similar Halloween prop controller.  So what do you get?

  • 10 modes of operation
  • 16-channels of bidirectional (two color) outputs
  • 25mA output current per channel
  • Operates from 9VDC to 14VDC
  • Reverse voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Pushbutton mode control
  • Brightness and speed controls
  • External trigger for 'startle' mode
  • Internal memory remembers last mode when power is disconnected
  • True non-repeating random algorithms
  • Removal terminal blocks for easy wiring

Thanks for reading this blog.  If you have any questions on this product,  please feel free to contact us anytime.

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