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  • 24 AWG, Mil-Spec Wire

    24 AWG, Mil-Spec Wire

    This wire is perfect for winding gate and current transformers in your DRSSTC Tesla coil system.  Specifications: 24 AWG, Stranded MIL-DTL-16878/1 (Type B) Spec Wire 600V rating PVC insulation 105degC insulation How to Order: Pricing is PER FOOT...

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  • Ferrite Core 5000-1

    Ferrite Core 5000-1

    Ferrite Toroid Core 5000-1 If you are building a high power DRSSTC Tesla Coil, look no further for your ferrite core needs.  These massively large cores are the perfect solution for winding high power full-bridge gate transformers and the giant...

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  • Ferrite Core 77-1

    Ferrite Core 77-1

    Ferrite Toroid Core 77-1 If you are building a low to medium powered DRSSTC Tesla Coil, SSTC, or other type of power bridge, then these are perfect for both the gate transformers and current transformers.  Use two of them with 32 turns per core,...

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  • Ferrite Suppression Core 31-1

    Ferrite Suppresion Core 31-1

    Ferrite Suppression Core 31-1 These suppression cores are used for common mode high frequency noise and spike suppression for your high power gate transformers.  We use them in all of our highest power DRSSTCs.  To use, simply loop all your...

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  • Gate Transformer Kit 5000-1

    Gate Transformer Kit 5000-1

    Gate Transformer Kit 5000-1 The 5000-1 gate transformer kit is designed for the highest power DRSSTC Tesla Coils which use full-bridge switching circuits.  These kits include five (5) sets of wires for a single primary and four secondary windings...

    $19.99 - $39.99
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  • Gate Transformer Kit 77-1

    Gate Transformer Kit 77-1

    Gate Transformer Kit 77-1 These gate transformer kits are perfect for all half-bridge power applications including low to mid power DRSSTC Tesla Coils, SSTCs, and flyback power supplies with switching frequencies up to 350kHz.  This kit includes one...

    $9.99 - $24.99
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  • Gate Transformer Wire

    Gate Transformer Wire 600V

    Gate Transformer Wire 600V This wire is perfect for all gate transformers used in DRSSTC Tesla Coils, flyback power supplies, and other high power bridges.  Each kit comes with different color wires. Use 3 conductor version for half-bridges and 5...

    $4.99 - $9.99
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  • Powdered iron RF core 2-1

    Powdered Iron RF Core 2-1

    Powdered Iron RF Core 2-1 These cores are perfect for high frequency SSTC design including high frequency Class-E power supplies and plasma speakers.  We use these in our 4MHz Class-E powered plasma speakers.  They can also be used for RFI...

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