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  • High Voltage Flyback Transformer

    Flyback Transformer, High Power

    These transformers are new original stcok from the late Tesla Coil master, D.C. Cox from the Resonance Research Corporation.  These are high power flyback transformers and are nearly impossible to find these days.  These can produce up to 18kV...

  • Brass Spark Gaps

    Brass Spark Gaps

    Replacement brass spark gap nuts for our Marx Generator 2.0 kit. This brass alloy is easily soldered to a PCB board.  Be sure to pre-tin the spark gap nuts before soldering. Solds in sets of 2 or a complete set of 28.  

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  • Capacitor - 1000pF/6kV

    Capacitor - 1000pF, 6kV

    Capacitor, Vishay S102M59Z5UU83L0R 1000pF, 6kV These capacitors are used in our Marx Generator 1.0 kit.  Use them as replacement capacitors in that kit or use for your own high voltage project. Click here for the datasheet (PDF)

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