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  • Bridge Rectifier Module GBPC3510 1000V/35A

    Bridge Rectifier Module 1000V/35A

    Bridge Rectifier Module, GBPC3510, 1000V, 35A Use these modules for voltage doubler power supplies in small to medium sized DRSSTC Tesla Coils. This bridge rectifier is also used in our Plasmasonic...

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  • Capacitor - 1000pF/6kV

    Capacitor - 1000pF, 6kV

    Capacitor, Vishay S102M59Z5UU83L0R 1000pF, 6kV These capacitors are used in our Marx Generator 1.0 kit.  Use them as replacement capacitors in that kit or use for your own high voltage project...

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  • Capacitor - 4200uF, 250V

    Capacitor - 4200uF, 250V

    Powerlytic 36DX 4200uF, 250V Capacitor Two of these capacitors work great for small to mid size DRSSTC Tesla coils.  In a double configuration with 120VAC input, they will produce a 340VDC DC...

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