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  • 18" Aluminum Toroid

    18" Aluminum Toroid

    18" Aluminum Toroid This heavy duty, seamless toroid is the one used in our Plasmasonic 1.0 and Reference Design 1.0 systems.  It is made of 99% pure (grade 1100-O) aluminum, heavy duty, and welded with no visible seam.  These are simply...

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  • 6" Plastic Toroid 6" Plastic Toroid

    6" Toroid

    6" Plastic Toroid These are plastic toroid forms and are excellent for small Tesla Coils and Van de Graaf generators.  Simply cover the plastic toroid with adhesive aluminum tape (available at your local hardware store) and you have a very...

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  • 8" Aluminum Toroid

    8" Aluminum Toroid

    8" Aluminum Toroid Mounting hole for 1/4" hardware Dimensions:  8" x 2.25" with visible seam This toroid is used and needed in our Plasmasonic CW plasma speaker kit.

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  • Custom aluminum toroids

    Custom Aluminum Toroids

    Eastern Voltage Research has tooling on hand to manufacturer a wide variety of aluminum toroids from 3" diameter up to 98" in diameter.  These toroids are all made from heavy guage 99% pure (1100-O) aluminum, and are welded with no visible seam...

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