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  • Audible alarm buzzer with LED

    Alarm Buzzer with LED

    Use this audible alarm buzzer to alert people that your high power DRSSTC system is about to become energized or activated.  This alarm buzzer also has a bright red LED and when energized produces a pulse tone that turns on and off automatically...

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  • Key Switch

    Key Switch

    Use a key switch to securely lock-out your high power DRSSTC Tesla coil system when not in use.  These should be wired in series with your main contactor coil or other safety interlock circuit to prevent unauthorized use.  These are also...

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  • Emergency Stop pushbutton

    Emergency Stop Pushbutton

    Use this emergency stop pushbutton with our Museum MIDI controller or Power Sequencing controller.  Emergency stop pushbuttons are mounted externally and when pressed will physically interrupter power the main contactor relay in your DRSSTC Tesla...

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  • Panel Mount LED, 24VDC, Blue Panel Mount LED, 24VDC, Amber

    LED, Indicator Light, 24VDC

    LED, Indicator Light, Panel Mount, 22mm These work great with our commercial MIDI Museum controller as well as our Power Sequencer System. Specifications: Voltage:  24VDC/24VAC Current:  18mA @ 24VDC Mounting hole size:  22.5mm DIA

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  • Power Supply 24VDC/1.25A

    Power Supply - 24VDC/1.25A

    Use this adjustable power supply to power your Universal DRSSTC Controller.  Output is adjustable to meet the 26.5VDC input requirements for our Universal DRSSTC Controller. NOTE:  Power supply may vary depending on availabilities...

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  • Tuning Inductor - For high power DRSSTC Tesla Coils

    Tuning Inductor - High Power

    Tuning Inductor module for DRSSTC Controller For high power DRSSTC Tesla Coils Use this tuning inductor for high power DRSSTC Tesla coils that use CM300DY-24H and CM600HA-24H IGBTs in full-bridge configurations.

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  • Universal DRSSTC Controller - Tuning Inductor CM300DY-12NF

    Tuning Inductor - Low to Mid Power

    Tuning Inductor module for DRSSTC Controller For low to mid power DRSSTC Tesla Coils Use this tuning inductor for low to mid power DRSSTC Tesla coils such as those powered with SOT-227 IGBTs (half-bridge or full-bridge) or a single CM300DY-12NF in a...

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  • Fiber optic cable ST-ST

    Fiber Optic Cable ST-ST

    Fiber Optic Cable ST-ST Connectors:  ST/UPC MM connectors Insertion Loss: <0.2dB Core/Cladding Diameter:  62.5 microns / 125.0 microns Material:  PVC, orange These are replacement fiber optic cables for our Plasmasonic and Reference...

    $19.99 - $39.99
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