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Engineering Design Services - Electrical Design

Eastern Voltage Research offers a full range of engineering design services to meet your prototype and production requirements.  A partial listing of the electrical design services we offer is listed below:

  • Electrical design - Analog circuits
  • Electrical design - High voltage circuits
  • Electrical design - Power circuits and power supplies (linear and switching)
  • Simulation and Analysis
  • Design white papers
  • Design review packages and reviews
  • Parts list generation and vendor selection
  • Electrical CAD services - Cable drawings, wire connection lists, schematics

Analog Design

The engineers and designers at Eastern Voltage Research have extensive experience in analog circuit design. Analog circuits involve any type of signal that is of varying magnitude as opposed to digital circuits which are essential just 0's or 1's. Example analog circuits include power supplies, sensor applications, audio and video, wireless applications, filter and signal processing, and lighting circuits including LEDs. The following list outlines some of our analog design capabilities:

  • Power supply design (linear and switching)
  • Sensor applications (pre-amplifiers, PIC microcontroller A/D conversion)
  • Audio applications (filter, signal processing, amplifiers)
  • General amplifier design
  • Measurement and display technology
  • LED lighting control and driver circuits
  • High bandwidth voltage and current measurement

The printed circuit board (PCB) shown above is an example of an analog circuit design. This particular PCB is a PIC microcontroller based altimeter and booster ignition controller for use in a high power, high altitude research rocket. The rocket in question featured two external solid rocket boosters, much like NASA's Space Shuttle solid rocket boosters, and this controller was used to both control the external ignition of those boosters as well as detonate separation charges which would eject the two boosters after their solid rocket fuel was spent. The board also featured both a barometric based barometer for recording altitude as well as a 6-axis motion sensor and a back-up mechanical spring position sensor. Two of these boards were used in parallel in the rocket for redundancy.

High Voltage Design

High voltage circuit and assembly design is one of our key specialties here at Eastern Voltage Research. Our engineers and designers have extensive experience in high voltage design in a wide array of applications. These applications include:

  • High voltage power supplies
  • High voltage transformer design
  • Pulse power applications
  • Crowbar and discharge circuits
  • Vacuum tube circuit design
  • High voltage measurement (resistive and capacitive dividers)
  • High voltage modulators and switching circuits
  • Spark gap design (static and dynamic including rotary spark gaps)
  • Conventional spark gap Tesla coil designs
  • Advanced solid state Tesla Coil design (including DRSSTCs)
  • Marx generators
  • Cockroft-Walton and other voltage multiplication circuits

The printed circuit board (PCB) shown above is a 15-stage, 100kV Marx Generator circuit. Marx generators can generate enormous high voltage pulses by simultaneously charging a large number of capacitors in parallel, and then discharging them in series. For this particular design, each stage is charged up to approximately 6kV and then discharged in series through the small brass spark gaps shown in the design above, to create a 90kV pulse with risetimes in the 100's of picoseconds.

Power Design

Here at Eastern Voltage Research, when we refer to power design, we are primarily speaking about high power, high current solid state switching power supplies and switching circuits. These include the following applications:

  • High power, high current bridge design (half-bridge and full-bridges)
  • High power modulators
  • Switching power supplies
  • High bandwidth, high current linear regulator based power supplies
  • Standard switching power supplies (flybacks, buck, boost, and similar type converters)
  • Power transformer design
  • High current gate drive circuits for use with industrial IGBTs (CM300s, CM600s, CM1200s)

The above assembly is a high current, high frequency 1000V IGBT half-bridge power supply module. This module switches a 1000V DC bus and produces a 300kHz 2000Vp-p output waveform which is used to drive a resonant power supply load. It utilizes two (2) SOT-227 type IGBT devices and is mounted directly on an aluminum heatsink. The ferrite core on the circuit board when finished would be a gate transformer which would allow an electrically isolated driver circuit to drive and control the onboard IGBTs.

Power Assemblies