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  • LED, T-1, Ultra High Brightness

    LED, Ultra High Brightness, Red

    These LEDs are extremely high brightness LEDs.  Even with a modest 3mA of current, they are blindingly bright. Click here for the datasheet (PDF) Specifications: Color:  Red Size:  T-1

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  • Audible alarm buzzer with LED

    Alarm Buzzer with LED

    Use this audible alarm buzzer to alert people that your high power DRSSTC system is about to become energized or activated.  This alarm buzzer also has a bright red LED and when energized produces a pulse tone that turns on and off automatically...

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  • Panel Mount LED, 24VDC, Blue Panel Mount LED, 24VDC, Amber

    LED, Indicator Light, 24VDC

    LED, Indicator Light, Panel Mount, 22mm These work great with our commercial MIDI Museum controller as well as our Power Sequencer System. Specifications: Voltage:  24VDC/24VAC Current:  18mA @ 24VDC Mounting hole size:  22.5mm DIA

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  • LED 18-SMD White 12V

    LED 18-SMD White, 12V

    LED 18-SMD White, 12V This is the LED used for our Human Conductivity or Body Light 1.0 kit.  Use this in conjunction with the BA-15S socket we also sell.

    $9.99 - $12.99
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