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  • Resistor 10Meg 0.5W Bleeder for high voltage

    Resistor 10Meg/0.5W Bleeder

    Resistor 10Meg / 0.5W Bleeder These resistors are used for safety bleeder resistors across your 942C or 940C capacitors in your primary MMC capacitor arrays.  Available as a single or in sets of 10.

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  • Resistor 20k/5W Safety Bleeder resistor

    Resistor 20k/5W Bleeder

    Resistor 20k, 5W Bleeder These resistors are used across the DC bus capacitors in the Reference Design 1.0 DRSSTC system.  With a 340VDC initial charge across the double stack of capacitors (170VDC per capacitor), the safety bleed time to less than...

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  • Resistor 5.1 ohm 0.5W

    Resistor 5.1/0.5W

    Resistor 5.1 ohm / 0.5W These 5.1 ohm resistors are used for gate drive circuits.  Use them in series between your gate driver IC and your gate on your MOSFET or IGBT.  These are used in all of our IGBT gate drive boards.

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