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VTTC Staccato Controller Board Kit
Our Plasma Speaker Kit - Winning Science Fairs worldwide!

Eastern Voltage Research, LLC

Educational Solid State Tesla and High Voltage Kits


We are now taking pre-orders for our initial Plasmasonic DRSSTC production run. See the check out links below!

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NEW PRODUCT - The Plasmasonic DRSSTC System - Now Accepting Online Ordering!

  Plasmasonic DRSSTC Musical Tesla Coil

Plasmasonic DRSSTC

Click here for more information regarding our Plasmasonic DRSSTC System

Plasmasonic DRSSTC Complete
Now Available - Online Ordering

Our complete Plasmasonic DRSSTC system is now available for online ordering. We also accept Purchase Orders from qualified companies and institutions. Please contact us through our Sales Department for more information and a quote.



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Click here for online ordering


Universal DRSSTC Components - Use for any DRSSTC Project, Small or Large

The universal components below can be used for any MOSFET or IGBT based SSTC or DRSSTC system. No matter how small the coil is or how large, these universal components will work with almost any solid state Tesla Coil you can imagine. Whether its a small IRF460 MOSFET based SSTC or a monster sized dual CM600 IGBT DRSSTC, these universal controllers and modulators (interrupters) will be perfect for your next project! Also, these components are already full built and tested - READY TO GO. No need to procure your own components or build your own PCB boards.

Universal DRSSTC ControllerUniversal DRSSTC Controller

MIDI DRSSTC Interrupter
Universal DRSSTC MIDI Handheld Interrupter

Universal MIDI 1.0 Interrupter
Universal MIDI Interrupter 1.0

DRSSTC Fiber Optic Converters
Fiber Optic Converter Boards


For Schools and Universities - Our Most Popular Educational Kits

For schools and universities, as well as commercial use, the three kits below are our most popular options. The Plasmasonic DRSSTC system is the only commercial DRSSTC system that is available off the shelf. It is offered in both a completed and kit format. Our Plasma Speaker produces full bandwidth audio using high voltage plasma. This is an extremely impressive kit and very popular as a classroom demonstrator as well as an educational kit for science and technical students. Finally, our miniBrute DRSSTC is the perfect kit for schools and students wanting a highly advanced DRSSTC system kit which provides invaluable mechanical and electrical experience for the student. It is the perfect kit for university student and team projects.

Plasmasonic DRSSTC System
Plasmasonic Commercial DRSSTC System

Class-E Plasma Speaker Tesla Coil Kit
Make music with Plasma - Plasma Speaker

miniBrute DRSSTC Tesla Coil Kit
miniBrute DRSSTC Kit


For Students - Our Most Popular Science Fair Kits

Year after year, students are blowing away the competition with our award winning kits. Eastern Voltage Research kits teach students about science which is both exciting and visually appealing, and provides excellent technical building experience. Let's face it - how many people want to see a potato powered clock at the science fair when you can create music using a high voltage plasma flame! Our more affordable SSTC 1.0 kit creates plasma and can wirelessly illuminate fluorescent and neon bulbs, and if you're not totally comfortable with high voltage, our Body Light kit is a smash hit at science fairs demonstrating the principle of human conductivity! Finally, couple your Plasma Speaker with our Wireless Energy demonstration kit and really wow the audience!

Class-E Plasma Speaker Tesla Coil Kit
Win that Science Fair - Make music with Plasma!

Solid State Tesla Coil 1.0 Kit
Make plasma and light up fluorescent tubes!

Body Light 1.0 Kit
Demonstrate human conductivity

Wireless Energy Demonstration Kit
Demonstrate the principles of wireless energy

Lightning Detector 1.0 Kit
Lightning Detector Kit


Advanced LED Lighting Products and High Power LED Candles

Eastern Voltage Research prides itself as having the most technologically advanced LED kits available to the student and amateur enthusiast today. Our microprocessor controlled high power LED candle kits are the most powerful found anywhere in the world today. Almost all the electronic kit companies today are still using inexpensive colored lense LEDs that were manufactured over 20 years ago. We utilize only the most advanced LEDs available on the market today including many new releases from CREE and other state of the art LED manufacturers.

Advanced Flame 1.0 LED Candle
Advanced Flame 1.0 - LED Candle

Advanced Flame 2.0 - LED Candle Extreme
Advanced Flame 2.0 - LED Candle EXTREME

Advanced LED Strobe 1.0 Kit
Advanced Strobe 1.0 - Dual CREE X-Lamp

Advanced RGB LED 1.0 Kit
Advanced RGB LED 1.0

LED Sequencer 1.0 - Larson Scanner
LED Sequencer 1.0 - Ultra-Bright LEDs

Joule Thief 1 Watt

USB Charger CR2450 for LED Candles
USB CR2450 Charger


Batteries / Accessories


For Tesla and High Voltage Enthusiasts - Our Most Popular Kits

Our company remains dedicated to providing the best and well documented kits in the world today for both Tesla coilers and high voltage enthusiasts worldwide. We recognize that without you, Eastern Voltage Research would not be where it is today, therefore we continually strive to design and develop the most exciting products possible. So check out our products and get your high voltage ON!

Plasmasonic DRSSTC System
Plasmasonic DRSSTC System
Class-E Plasma Speaker Tesla Coil Kit
Class-E Audio Modulated Tesla Coil
miniBrute DRSSTC Tesla Coil Kit
miniBrute DRSSTC System
Solid State Tesla Coil 1.0 Kit
microBrute DRSSTC System
Solid State Tesla Coil 1.0 Kit
Solid State Tesla Coil Kit
Universal Flyback Driver 2.0
Universal Flyback / SSTC Driver
VTTC Staccato Controller Board Kit
Vacuum Tube Tesla Coil Stacatto Controller
Plasmasonic Audio Modulated Tesla Coil
High Power Audio Modulated Tesla Coil
High Voltage Multiplier 1.0 - Cockroft-Walton
High Voltage Multiplier 1.0

Haunted House and Halloween Special Effects - COMING SOON

We are real excited to bring your own new product line which features awesome lightning and other products for use in Haunted House and Halloween applications. We are finalizing several very exciting products we can't wait to release. These were supposed to be released this year in time for Halloween, but unfortunately with the release of our new Plasmasonic DRSSTC system, we were a bit delayed. Stay tuned. These will be available real soon!

LED Burning Flame 1.0

LED Sinister Strobe Effect

LED Lurking Eye 1.0

LED Spooky Eyes - Advanced Controller

Haunted House Event Timer

Accessories / Sensors


Plasmasonic DRSSTC System Components

Plasmasonic DRSSTC System
Plasmasonic DRSSTC System - Complete Kits

Universal DRSSTC Controller
Universal DRSSTC Controller

MIDI DRSSTC Interrupter
Universal MIDI Handheld Interrupter

Plasmasonic DRSSTC Half-Bridge Assembly
Universal IGBT Half-Bridge Assembly

Plasmasonic DRSSTC Primary Capacitor
Primary MMC Assembly

Plasmasonic Power DRSSTC Distribution Board
Universal DRSSTC Power Distribution Board

RGB LED Illumination System

Complete Secondary Coil Assemblies


Tesla Coil Assembly Kits and Components

Tesla Coil Assembly - Ready Made
Tesla Coil Assembly 1.0

DRSSTC Assembly 1.0
DRSSTC Assembly 1.0
DRSSTC Assembly 2.0
DRSSTC Assembly 2.0

DRSSTC Assembly 2.5
DRSSTC Assembly 2.5 with RGB LED

Tesla Coil End Caps and Centering Rings
Secondary End Caps and Centering Rings
CNC Machining Services
CNC Machining / Design Services

DRSSTC System Components

After a year of intense research and development, we are very excited to be releasing our much anticipated flexiBrute DRSSTC system of components. The flexiBrute system consists of a variety of plug-n-play modulator DRSSTC components which can be combined in an infinite number of ways to create DRSSTC Tesla Coils of virtually any size.

flexiBrute 1.0 DRSSTC MIDI Interface
flexiBrute MIDI Interfaces

flexiBrute DRSSTC Fullbridge Assembly 1.0
flexiBrute Full-Bridge 1.0 Assembly

Joule Thief 1 Watt
1 Watt Joule Thief Kit

Digital Candle 1.0
Digital Candle 1.0 Kit
Digital Flame 1.0
Digital Flame 1.0 Kit (High Power)
LED Sequencer 1.0 Kit
LED Sequencer Kit - Ultra Bright!

Welcome to Eastern Voltage Research, LLC, where you can explore the exciting world of High Voltage and Solid State Tesla Coils. We are your one-stop resource for all things solid state Tesla! We offer a wide selection of Tesla Coil and High Voltage Electronic kits for the beginner hobby kit builder to more advanced project kits for students, experienced amateurs, and professionals. Whether you are looking to build a small solid state Tesla Coil for a middle school science fair, an audio modulated Tesla Coil for a high school or college project, or building a giant sized DRSSTC Tesla Coil for your next Halloween block party, we have it all!

We also offer a wide selection of supplies, components, and circuit building blocks to aid in the design and build of your next Solid State Tesla Coil. We add new kits regularly, all using some new and some proven technology, trying to give you a mix of building blocks that can be used together or alone to provide solutions for your next project.