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These components are used in the Reference Design 1.0 DIY kit and not included with the standard kit.  Most customers will choose to DIY their own components, but if you wish to purchase them from us as opposed to making them yourself, you can purchase them directly here.

  • Gate Transformer Kit 77-1

    Gate Transformer Kit 77-1

    Gate Transformer Kit 77-1 These gate transformer kits are perfect for all half-bridge power applications including low to mid power DRSSTC Tesla Coils, SSTCs, and flyback power supplies with switching frequencies up to 350kHz.  This kit includes one...

    $9.99 - $24.99
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  • Bridge Rectifier Module GBPC3510 1000V/35A

    Bridge Rectifier Module 1000V/35A

    Bridge Rectifier Module, GBPC3510, 1000V, 35A Use these modules for voltage doubler power supplies in small to medium sized DRSSTC Tesla Coils. This bridge rectifier is also used in our Plasmasonic CW plasma speaker kit. Click here for the datasheet (PDF)

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  • Gate Drive Board for CM300DY-12NF IGBT Gate Drive Board for CM300DY-12NF IGBT

    Gate Drive Board for CM300DY-12NF IGBT

    These CM300DY-12NF gate drive boards contain the necessary circuitry to properly use your IGBT.  Circuit provisions include both a 1/4W and 1/2W resistor for series gate drive, a diode for fast turn-off, and transient voltage suppressor (TVS) to...

    $9.99 - $19.99
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  • Mitsubishi CM300DY-12NF 600V/300A IGBT

    Mitsubishi CM300DY-12NF 600V/300A IGBT

    The Mitsubishi CM300DY-12NF IGBT is the workhouse for any high power DRSSTC Tesla Coil that is powered from 120VAC.  A single one of these IGBT modules contains two 600V IGBTs in a half-bridge configuration and when used in a half-bridge...

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  • Capacitor - 4200uF, 250V

    Capacitor - 4200uF, 250V

    Powerlytic 36DX 4200uF, 250V Capacitor Two of these capacitors work great for small to mid size DRSSTC Tesla coils.  In a double configuration with 120VAC input, they will produce a 340VDC DC bus for a half-bridge or full-bridge.  These are...

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  • IGBT snubber capacitor 2uF, 1kV

    Capacitor, IGBT Snubber - 2uF, 1kV

    Capacitor, Snubber 2uF, 1kV - for IGBTs Note:  Please note there has been a price increase on these due to a shortage.  These are designed to be used for most high power IGBT modules including CM300s and CM600s.  They bolt directly to the...

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  • Capacitor 942C20P10K-F 0.10uF 2000V

    Capacitor - 0.1uF, 2000V 942C

    Capacitor, Cornell-Dubilier 942C20P10K-F 0.10uF, 2000V These poly capacitors are the best you can use for Tesla coils period!  They can be used for both solid state (DRSSTC) and spark gap Tesla coils.  These capacitors can take an enormous...

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