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These components are used in the Reference Design 1.0 DIY kit and not included with the standard kit.  Most customers will choose to DIY their own components, but if you wish to purchase them from us as opposed to making them yourself, you can purchase them directly here.

  • Professional Handheld MIDI Interrupter / Controller Professional Handheld MIDI Interrupter / Controller

    Professional Handheld MIDI Controller

    The Professional Handheld MIDI Controller (interrupter) can be used to control any sized DRSSTC Tesla coil.  No where else will you find a completely built and tested MIDI interrupter which is ready to go right out of the box.  Housed in an EMI...

    $299.99 - $319.99
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  • Resistor 20k/5W Safety Bleeder resistor

    Resistor 20k/5W Bleeder

    Resistor 20k, 5W Bleeder These resistors are used across the DC bus capacitors in the Reference Design 1.0 DRSSTC system.  With a 340VDC initial charge across the double stack of capacitors (170VDC per capacitor), the safety bleed time to less than...

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  • Resistor 5.1 ohm 0.5W

    Resistor 5.1/0.5W

    Resistor 5.1 ohm / 0.5W These 5.1 ohm resistors are used for gate drive circuits.  Use them in series between your gate driver IC and your gate on your MOSFET or IGBT.  These are used in all of our IGBT gate drive boards.

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  • Capacitor 940C20P47K-F 0.10uF, 2kV

    Capacitor - 0.47uF, 2kV 940C

    Capacitor, Cornell-Dubilier 940C20P47K-F 0.47uF, 2000V These poly capacitors are the best you can use for Tesla coils period!  They can be used for both solid state (DRSSTC) and spark gap Tesla coils.  These capacitors can take an enormous...

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  • Yamaha UX-16 USB MIDI Interface

    Yamaha UX-16 MIDI USB Interface

    The UX-16 from Yamaha is a compact, cable-style 1 input / 1 output USB MIDI inteface designed to provide the easiest connection of MIDI devices to a computer. The UX-16 is the recommended USB MIDI interface to connect your laptop to our Professional...

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  • Primary Coil Cable Assembly

    Primary Coil Cable Assembly

    Use this cable assembly to connect your primary circuit directly to your 1/4" diameter copper primary coil.  The ends of these cables have two special flexible clamping pieces which securely connect to 1/4" diameter copper tubing.  The opposite...

    $3.99 - $24.99
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  • Power Supply 24VDC/1.25A

    Power Supply - 24VDC/1.25A

    Use this adjustable power supply to power your Universal DRSSTC Controller.  Output is adjustable to meet the 26.5VDC input requirements for our Universal DRSSTC Controller. NOTE:  Power supply may vary depending on availabilities...

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