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  • Mitsubishi CM300DY-24H 1200V/300A IGBT

    Mitsubishi CM300DY-24H 1200V/300A IGBT

    The Mitsubishi CM300DY-24H IGBT is a very popular IGBT used for medium to high power DRSSTC Tesla Coils.  Each one of these IGBT modules contains two 1200V IGBTS in a half-bridge configuration.  They can be used by themselves for a half-bridge...

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  • Itelcond 6800uF 350V capacitor

    Capacitor - 6800uF, 350V

    Itelcond, 6800uF, 350V Capacitor These are about the baddest capacitors available for high power DRSSTC Tesla coils.  We use these in our largest Tesla coils that produce over 15 feet of arc.  Use two of them in a double arrangement to get...

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  • IGBT snubber capacitor 2uF, 1kV

    Capacitor, IGBT Snubber - 2uF, 1kV

    Capacitor, Snubber 2uF, 1kV - for IGBTs Note:  Please note there has been a price increase on these due to a shortage.  These are designed to be used for most high power IGBT modules including CM300s and CM600s.  They bolt directly to the...

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  • Capacitor 942C20P10K-F 0.10uF 2000V

    Capacitor - 0.1uF, 2000V 942C

    Capacitor, Cornell-Dubilier 942C20P10K-F 0.10uF, 2000V These poly capacitors are the best you can use for Tesla coils period!  They can be used for both solid state (DRSSTC) and spark gap Tesla coils.  These capacitors can take an enormous...

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