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Faxanadu - Tesla Coil MIDI File

Faxanadu - Tesla Coil MIDI File

Posted by Daniel McCauley on 17th Jan 2020

The original Nintendo NES 8-bit video game system has arguably some of the best theme music to be used for musical Tesla coils.  One of the lesser known games titles, Faxanadu, is no exception.  Its overworld theme song is well composed, catchy, and one of those songs that will get stuck in your head for days.  I absolutely love it.  The game is also one of the best first person adventure games Nintendo has offered on the 8-bit platform.

This week, I am offering a special Tesla coil edit of the Faxanadu overworld theme song.  These MIDI files work great for both single and dual Tesla coil configurations.

Faxanadu played on a Plasmasonic 0.5 Musical Tesla Coil

Faxanadu - Tesla Coil MIDI File

The MIDI file is offered in two versions.  The single channel was edited for single Tesla coil operation and works from MIDI channel 1.  The dual channel version is designed for dual Tesla coil operation and has the melody in channel 1 and the bass line in channel 2.

Click here for the MIDI file (single channel)

Click here for the MIDI file (dual channel)

Again, this is one of my favorite MIDI edits for Tesla coil performances.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

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